Recording guideline for invited speakers/oral abstract presenters

ASVS 2020 is offering two options for recording your lecture or presentation:
  • · Option 1 - Zoom: Record audio and video synced with your presentation file in Zoom (Recommended)
  • · Option 2 – Microsoft PowerPoint: Record audio to your presentation in PowerPoint

*There is no particular set date for recording. Please proceed recording individually.

E-poster formatting guideline

ASVS 2020 will display PPT slideshow Multiple-slide e-posters in virtual meeting platform.
  • · We recommend to set the page setup or slide size to "4:3".
  • · Use bullet points.
  • · Avoid using custom fonts. We recommend to use the default fonts that come with Microsoft Office.
  • · Use a minimum font size of 14 points.
  • · Be clear and concise with design and content - Avoid using too many slides. We limit the number of slides to maximum 15 slides.
  • · Use only high-quality graphics.
  • · Hyperlinks and Embedded videos are not allowed.
  • · Put a footer on each slide such as "Slide 1 of 6" to let viewers walking by mid-cycle know where they are in the presentation and how long they will wait until it begins again.
  • · Make sure to convert final PPT E-poster file to PDF, and save the file as "Your full name_Abstract number (Ex. OP-1234)
  • · You may download ASVS 2020 E-poster template from website and use.