Abstract Submission

Video Abstract

You will be required to write a brief abstract for your video. The abstract should be no more than 300 words and, while it does not need to follow a certain structure, you should include a detailed description of the intended purpose or objective of your video presentation.


All Videos MUST be submitted in accordance with the guidelines below:

  • Run Time: Maximum running time is 7 minutes. Your video must be no longer than 7 minutes.
  • Quality:
    Video quality must be more than 480p, SD (Standard definition): 720x480 (square pixel ratio). Video submissions must be of good quality and submitted in final form. Videos may not include advertisement or promotion of products. Commercial support may be noted as a credit at the end of the video.

How to Submit

[STEP 1] Youtube

[STEP 2] ASVS 2020 Website

  • Visit the ASVS 2020 website video abstract submission page.
  • An abstract/summary of the video must be submitted via our online submission system. The abstract should not exceed 300 words in length, and should be typed in English.
  • Copy and paste the share link of the file you wish to upload on to [Abstract Submission][Step 3. Abstract Details][You Tube URL Link]

Contact for Abstract Submission
Email: sci_asvs2020@insession.co.kr
Tel: +82-2-3452-7213